Through the eyes of Vivian V. Schmitz (MYLH)

We know you’ve loved getting to know members of our cast and production team in our Through the Eyes interview series, and this one will be no exception! Vivian V. Schmitz, who plays Beatriz, has a passion for all music… everything from classic rock to classical.  She received her B.A in Music from The University of Central Florida. Vivian most recently portrayed Camila in Patio Playhouse’s production of In the Heights. In concert, she has portrayed roles such as Lucy-Jeckyll & Hyde, Miss One-The Wiz, Joanne-Rent, and Mary Magdalene-Jesus Christ Superstar.  She is also a part of several ensembles including Encore Vocal Ensemble and Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers.We loved interviewing Vivian about her role and thoughts about this production below.

What drew you to this particular production?

The story. This is such a relevant story that needs to be made visible.

How is the character like you? How is she different?

I am a lot like Beatriz in the way that I love my child more than anything and would fight to be with him. What makes us different is that I am a bit more reserved than she is. Beatriz is very outspoken and has no filter (chuckles).

What has been the biggest challenge in taking on this role?

Getting through the emotional parts. Trying to comprehend Beatriz’ situation as my own. Having to rebuild a relationship with your child and then possibly losing it again.

What are you most hoping that the audience takes away from this production?

Awareness. That this is an everyday occurence for their friends and neighbors. Hopefully, they will gain more compassion and a better understanding of what goes on between undocumented families.

Is there anything else you’d like to share that hasn’t been asked above?

Aside from the story being an emotional one, it also has upbeat, happy parts. This is an all around fun show and they will thoroughly enjoy it!

We couldn’t agree more Vivian, and thanks for taking the time! Remember to book your tickets today for Miss You Like Hell, opening July 30!