Program Ads

Program ads are a great way to advertise your business or share your message while supporting Patio Playhouse. You can expect your ad to be seen by over 450 people or more per show.

Our Plays in the Park shows at Kit Carson Amphitheater average over 1200 in attendance and our shows downtown at our Kalmia St. theater average over 450.

Plays in the Park Program Ad Rates
Size1 Show2 ShowsDimensions (HxW)
Back Cover*$200$3508"x5"
Full Page$150$2508"x5"
Half Page$100$1704"x5"
Quarter Page$75$1202"x5"
*(if available)
Standard Program Ad Rates
Size1 Show2 ShowsAll 4 ShowsDimensions (HxW)
Back Cover*1001803258"x5"
Full Page751352408"x5"
Half Page50901754"x5"
Quarter Page25451002"x5"
*(if available)

Programs are printed in color. Please ensure that ads are a minimum of 200 dpi.

To place an ad in our program or for more information call 760.746.6669 or email