Patio Playhouse Adopts the Chicago Theatre Standards

Dear Volunteers, Actors, Crew, Patrons and Members,

During my tenure at Patio Playhouse, I have tried to codify the efforts of so many of our volunteers to make Patio a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, creating systems that would extend the reach of every good idea and friendly interaction. This has been a laborious process, involving learning, creating new ‘best-practices’ and training our staff and volunteers to put them in place. (Followed by more learning and more developing, etc.)

As Maya Angelou famously said: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

For these reasons I’m excited to announce that Patio Playhouse has adopted The Chicago Theatre Standards, available at

The Chicago Theatre Standards contains a number of pledges that we, the producing theater, make to you: our actors, our crew, our production teams, our designers and our patrons. Among these is a welcoming environment free of harassment and discrimination. 

The aim of the Chicago Theatre Standards is to adopt procedures to prevent and respond to unsafe and/or abusive events, environments, or individuals. If there is a fight scene or sex scene in the show, parameters will be agreed upon and safeguards will be put in place to maintain them. If concerns about comfort or safety are raised, there is a process for resolving them.

At our June meeting of the Board of Directors, we voted unanimously to adopt these standards and to begin rolling out changes in our practices to meet these new, codified standards. We dedicated ourselves to becoming an even more safe and welcoming place to work and patronize. We aim to become a standard-bearer of inclusivity and camaraderie and encourage the rest of our community to join us in making San Diego theater a safe, welcoming environment for all. 


Matt FitzGerald
Artistic Manager
Patio Playhouse