Kings Among Men – Produced Zoom Reading

  • by David Marshall
  • Directed by David Guthrie

David Marshall’s play, an adaptation of the fall of the Templar Order, exposes what happens when one lets others dictate right and wrong for us.  Right and wrong become less distinct. Those who clamor on the backs of others to become “king”, no matter what the cost, cause brotherhood, love, and integrity to crumble to dust before the audience’s eyes. Absolute power corrupts… absolutely.

View a recording of the performance below.

If you have thoughts you’d like to share about the script with the playwright you can do so via this form.

February 26-28 Friday and Saturday 7pm, Sunday 1pm
Live via Zoom

Cast List

  • Chris Miller as Villaret
  • Will James as Molay
  • Ralph Johnson as Clement
  • Steve Murdock as King Philip
  • Chris Braden as Guillaume
  • Tessa Grantham as Cassandra
  • Matt Sayre as Nogaret
  • Cassiopeia Guthrie as Templars and Hospitaliers

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