Interviews – I Love You Style!

Interviews – I Love You Style!

What could be more fun that interviewing members of the cast and production team of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! We’re celebrating wrapping weekend #2 with a fun compilation of interviews from our team! Check it out:

Brandon Throckmorton, Man 2

Which character is most like you? “Husband” in act 2 “On The Highway of Love”. Why? I drive a Prius with a 13, 11, and 9 year old. The character is so entirely relatable. Which is most different? Bob #2 in act 1 “Singe Man Drought”. Everyone knows that the greatest movie of all time is “Star Wars: Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back” not “The Shawshank Redemption.”

What is your favorite song/scene and why? Trentell from act 1 “Scared Straight” and Arthur form act 2 “Funerals are for Dating”. Trentell’s just fun playing and Arthur… well… I get to play and sing with my incredible wife. I can’t wait to irritate her to no end in 40 years when we go to funeral, I float up to her (cause, you know, hoverchairs), say “The Markus viewing!” and start this scene. In 40 years, we’ll have been married 55 years.   

Who is your spouse’s celebrity crush? Bradley Cooper – I had Amy convinced he was gay for about 7 years. She’s so mad at me for that lost fantasy time.

Which one of you would win at Trivial Pursuit? We’re a TEAM and we DOMINATE!!!!

Cassiopeia Guthrie, Woman 1

What drew you to this particular production? I had a chance to be a part of this production in 2014 with my talented husband. With COVID-19, it has been a very uncertain time for the theater. That said, we really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to perform outside. Having two pairs of vaccinated, married couples sharing stories that make people laugh just seemed like an amazing fit – and I think we were right!

What is your favorite song/scene and why? I adore Stud and a Babe. I love that Julie and Jason are just so fabulously awkward, but come to terms with the idea that their imperfect selves are exactly the right fit for one another. I also really enjoy doing The Very First Dating Video of Rose Ritz. I think the piece is honest and heartwarming and I have a chance to bring vulnerability, candor, and humor to the piece. It’s a pleasure to be able to step into the shoes of someone who is so human.

How did you meet your spouse and where did you go on your first date? We were actually friends for months before we actually started connecting. We met in the band at San Diego State University and got to know each other at a Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma rush event. After spending time in the same circles for a few months, our first date was on October 30 – he was playing bass at a Halloween party with his band and I went to listen!

If your spouse won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy together? I feel like we’d start off with some practical home upgrades. We might get new phones. We’d take the kids on a little weekend staycation… stuff like that!

Kristen Fogle, Director

What drew you to this show? Honestly I was hungry to work after almost two years of not doing theater. I love Patio and the park, and I’d worked with David and Matt in the past. I said I’d consider putting my hat in the ring to direct and the next thing I knew I was being put on a Facebook thread with my new cast. 

What about this show do you relate to? All the scenarios involving dating I breathe a big old happy “thank god” that I don’t have to do that. I’m at the beginning of my marital life, so “Shouldn’t I Be Less In Love With You”and “I Can Live With That” make me hopeful for the future.

What are you most hoping that the audience takes away from this production? I just want people to lose themselves for a second, to have a much needed mental break from everything going on personally, politically, societally. I want people to have fun, together, because it’s been a while since we’ve all been in a setting like this. There’s a fun, exciting energy to live theater that can be really entertaining and even therapeutic. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share that hasn’t been asked above? Ali is the greatest ever.

Have any relationship advice you’d like to share? I once attended a fiftieth anniversary party. Someone turned to the wife and said, “Wow, fifty years! What’s your secret??” Without missing a beat, the woman leaned in on her cane and replied: “Never. Have a. Headache.” Then she winked and sat back.

Jerrica Ignacio, Musical Director

What do you enjoy most about this show? I enjoy the open look at different stages of normal relationships, without idolizing the picture-book romance. Plus, it’s hilarious!

What do you like about the music in this show? The complexity of the styles and music gives a nice deep layer to the comedic lyrics throughout the show. 

What has been the biggest challenge of the process? What about the biggest triumph? When they rewrote the show, they also added a couple songs (including my favorite song of the show). The challenge with new unheard songs is the lack of reference. So figuring out how those songs are supposed to sound, and then teaching that to the cast. It also brings a triumph when you hear the song realized.

What are you most hoping that the audience takes away from this production? Love is for everyone! 

Tell us about what makes this show fun for today’s audiences? The rewrite brings in modern touches that keeps it relatable. Plus, everyone has been in at least one of our scene situations! 

Relationship advice. Do you have any? If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Don’t be afraid to keep looking. There’s a person for everyone!

Want to see I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change in action? Check it out, playing NOW at Kit Carson Amphitheater through September 11!