Evelyn Spring Patio Playhouse Scholarship

The deadline to submit for the 2024 scholarship is May 6, 2024.

The Evelyn Spring Patio Playhouse Scholarship is established to promote and encourage higher education in the field of theatre 
arts. Applicants must be Escondido high school seniors and have participated in high school or community arts programs, or be 
continuing education students who have participated regularly in Patio Playhouse productions or be students already involved in 
collegiate or vocational training in the Escondido City limits. 

Applicants must be either:

  • A graduating senior in an Escondido High School, Charter School or home-schooled through an Escondido School affiliation. Graduating seniors in Escondido schools do not need to have any connection with Patio Playhouse.
  • A friend of Patio – meaning the applicant has been in or worked on a Patio production, or served on our Board, or volunteered in any manner with Patio Playhouse.  

The scholarship can be applied to a 4 year college program, vocational classes, even seminars as long as the course has a theater connection.  Examples include but are not limited to theater arts degrees, teaching theater, theater tech, public broadcasting, costuming, makeup, graphic work and and computer imagery.

Value $200 to $1000

If you have questions about what to submit; transcripts, essay or video, awards received, extracurricular activities and letters of 
recommendation; please contact the Patio Playhouse Community Theater either by phone 760-746-6669, or by writing to 
PO Box 300450, Escondido, CA. 92030-0450 or by email to talk2patio@aol.com with the requested information for this year.  

Download a copy of the scholarship application here.