Youth Theater

Patio Playhouse has been promoting youth in theater for 35 years. In our 16th Season (1982-1983), Patio introduced youth theater to our program with productions of Winnie the Pooh and The Golden Grotto. Since then we have put on over 80 youth productions. Patio Playhouse never charges a fee to audition or participate in our youth productions and strives to maintain a quality learning experience for everyone involved.

Every year during the first week of summer, our Youth Theater hosts our Acting Academy, a day camp for young kids (age 8-14) to learn about theater and get a chance to perform. For more information on Acting Academy click here.

For information about the Evelyn Spring Patio Playhouse Scholarship, click here.

For information on auditions for our Youth Theater, check our Auditions page.

For information on our upcoming youth production, see Upcoming Productions.