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Auditions are generally held 8-12 weeks before a production opens. Once info is ready, we will post a link below that will include the dates, times, locations, time slot sign-ups (if necessary), and what you should have prepared.

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Significant Other by Joshua Harmon March 29 to April 21, 2024

Directed by Samantha Goldstein

Jordan Berman is gay and single in New York City, but he has girlfriends: three of them. They’ve been a quartet since college, but now Kiki’s getting married, and Vanessa and Laura aren’t far behind. Meanwhile, Jordan is obsessing about Will, the new guy at work, and wondering why it’s so hard to find “the one.” “I know life is supposed to be this great mystery, but I actually think it’s pretty simple,” he says, “find someone to go through it with. That’s the secret.”

He has bad dates and good dates, but he’s not going to settle, even as his friends plan their weddings and nest in domestic bliss. He gets regular doses of wisdom from his Jewish grandma, Helene, but will he get his life figured out and find the man of his dreams before he leaves his ‘20s?

A bittersweet and sometimes bawdy and salacious comedy about life, love and friendship from Joshua Harmon (Bad Jews, Admissions, Prayer for the French Republic), Significant Other will make you laugh, but it might be through your tears. 

SHOW RUNS: March 29 – April 21, 2024

PERFORMANCES: Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm

Auditions at Patio Playhouse Community Theater, 116 S. Kalmia Street, Escondido CA 7 to 9 pm February 11th and 12th; Callbacks by invitation on February 13 Please bring resume, headshot and list of all conflicts to audition. Plan to stay until 9 pm please.


REHEARSALS: M-Th 7-10 pm preferred starting February 18; added dates two weeks before opening. Actual schedule will be determined after checking cast conflicts. It is important that we know ALL your conflicts for the period from February 15 through March 22, 2024. No conflicts will accepted after that date. No understudies are anticipated for this production.

This is a non-equity volunteer production. Patio Playhouse encourages diverse casting in all roles.

Intimacy notice: Production addresses modern romantic and personal connections. It uses adult language heard in contemporary dialogue including common slang and slurs. There is mild intimacy between two males and between a man and a woman. These scenes include kissing and hugging. For more details you may contact the director at Samantha Goldstein


JORDAN: (can play late ‘20s) New Yorker. He’s Jewish and single and looking for the perfect man.  A romantic, but with a sense of irony.  He’s intelligent and neurotic and tends to over-analyze every romantic encounter.  He’s funny and sensitive and loves the women in his life. Needs facility with language and strong comic skills. 

LAURA (can play late ‘20s) New Yorker. Jordan’s best friend since college, she’s the emotionally grounded anchor of the group.  She’s ambitious, intelligent and funny, and a really good friend. Has her own romantic and emotional crises to deal with.

KIKI (can play late ‘20s) New Yorker. She is brashly hilarious and speaks her mind.  Stylish and the life of the party. Needs strong comic skills. 

VANESSA (can play late ‘20s) New Yorker.  Intelligent and stylish with a dry sense of humor.  Her emotional arc takes her from ennui to optimism.

HELENE (can play ‘’60s-‘80s) Jordan’s Jewish grandmother from Long Island. A force of nature, but occasionally forgetful. She’s a great sounding board for Jordan, and helps to ground him. Doesn’t really see herself as old. Funny and wry and loves Jordan unconditionally.

WILL (also plays CONRAD and TONY) (can play late ‘20s) Will: Jordan’s very attractive co-worker. Can seem a bit aloof but then sparkle with unexpected warmth. Conrad: Kiki’s significant other. A bit of an oaf, a bit dull, lacks a real sense of humor, is crazy about Kiki. Tony: Laura’s significant other. Projects instant warmth. A really good guy. Actor must have strong comic skills and great flexibility as a character actor.

ZACH (also plays EVAN and ROGER) (can play late ‘20s) Zach: Jordan’s date. Warm, smart, interested in Jordan but conflicted emotionally because he’s not over his ex. Evan: Jordan’s very dramatic co-worker. Loves to be the center of every room. Roger: Vanessa’s significant other. A stand-up guy. Adores Vanessa. Actor must have strong comic skills and great flexibility as a character actor.

For additional information or questions, please contact the director, Samantha Goldstein, at

“Significant Other” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.