Dressing Room Fundraising Campaign

Dear Patio Friends,

One of the few benefits about having to close last year was the time it afforded us to organize, not only structurally, deciding how we fit into the theater community and how we can use our platform to make the world better and safer for everyone, but in the very literal sense of getting our theater and storage spaces clean and organized. 

One of the bad things about the last year is that without a regular presence in our theater it went unnoticed that the pump in our bathroom had died, causing a leak that ruined our dressing room. But this misfortune does have a silver lining! Having already removed the carpet and rebuilt the bathroom, we decided to do some much needed upgrades to dressing room.

New cabinets, fresh paint, additional outlets (so the casts can charge their devices).

This remodel came with big price tag, and at an inopportune moment, amid the financial struggles of the pandemic and shortly before our first show in the theater was to begin. We are very grateful to have secured $1000 in matching funds grant to help cover this cost. You are getting this letter in the hopes that you will want to help us raise the other $1000 in tax-deductible matching funds we need to cover the costs of this essential project.

This is an excellent way to double your impact! In return, your name will be listed as a donor in our program for the rest of this season and next season as well, along with the heartfelt gratitude of all of us at Patio (and the casts of future shows!)

Donations can be made at the link below or in person at our box office prior to any performance.
You can email info@patioplayhouse.com with any questions.

With sincerest thanks,

All of us at Patio Playhouse

The rusted husk of the dead bathroom pump.
The water damage, visible in the carpet underlayment.
The space where the sink cabinet once stood.
After the new carpet was installed.
New sink and cabinets
Sink and drain functioning as expected
Updated bathroom, paint, floor, new low-flow toilet.