Congratulations, nominees and 52nd Annual Awards Banquet!

Please save the date for the 52nd Annual Awards Banquet. This year’s theme is: “Years Of Uniquely Talented Hearts” (YOUTH)

When? – Sunday September 8, 2019 from 5-10pm

Where? – Escondido Elks Lodge #1687, 2430 South Escondido Blvd., Escondido, CA  92025

Included Food? – Salad (ranch and Italian dressing on the side), choice of entree (Meat Lasagna or Veggie Lasagna or Spaghetti Marinara), garlic bread, fresh fruit, cake, water/tea/coffee. Extras not included: Soda/alcohol sold by the Lodge.

Cost? – Adults $30 (until 8/27 when it goes up to $40), Youth (12 and under) $20

Final Date To Purchase Tickets? – September 3, 2019. 

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Congratulations to all of the nominees of the 52nd annual Patio Awards (2018-2019):

Sound Design           

  • David Farlow, Our Town 
  • Elizabeth Jimenez, Animales Nocturnos 
  • Matt FitzGerald, Wait Until Dark 
  • David Guthrie, Every Christmas Story Told 
  • Matt FitzGerald and Jonathan Ang, In the Heights 

Lighting Design

  • Matt FitzGerald, Every Christmas Story Told 
  • Matt FitzGerald, Animales Nocturnos 
  • Maisy Holmes, Jesus Christ Superstar 
  • Matt FitzGerald, Wait Until Dark 
  • Anastasia Morgan, Our Town 

Set Design

  • Matt FitzGerald and Brenda Townsend, In the Heights 
  • Jacob Hatch and Matt FitzGerald, Wait Until Dark 
  • Brent Stringfield and Brenda Townsend, Our Town 
  • Steve Warrick, Victoria Silva-Davis, & Tony O’Donnell, Annie 
  • David Guthrie, Every Christmas Story Ever Told 
  • Spencer Farmer, Jesus Christ Superstar 

Costume Design

  • Bernice Brocious, Janna Hatch, & Felicia Broschart, Our Town     
  • Felicia Broschart, Jesus Christ Superstar 
  • Di Milo Young, In the Heights 
  • Janna Hatch, Wait Until Dark 
  • Darleen Romero and David Guthrie, Every Christmas Story Told 
  • Felicia Broschart and Julie Atencio, Annie

Musical Direction

  • Emily Awkerman, In the Heights 
  • Erika Gamez, A Boy and A Girl 
  • Becky Brooks, Annie 
  • Erika Gamez, Quibbling Siblings 


  • Marc Caro, In the Heights 
  • Erin Collins, Jesus Christ Superstar 
  • Diane Felhous, Annie 

Technical Effects   

  • Paul Garet, In the Heights 
  • Spencer Farmer, In the Heights 

Ensemble Cast

  • Brandon Throckmorton, Jason Schlarmann, & Cade Smith, Every Christmas Story Ever Told 

Ensemble Support

  • Ensemble, In the Heights 
  • Boylan Sisters, Annie
  • Orphans,  Annie
  • Warbucks Servants, Annie
  • FDR Cabinet, Annie
  • Roman Guards, Jesus Chris Superstar
  • Citizens, Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Soul Girls, Jesus Christ Superstar 
  • Apostles, Jesus Christ Superstar 

Actress – Lead Role Musical

  • Pamela Basurto, Nina Rosario, In the Heights 
  • Tirzah Villarreal, Annie, Annie 
  • Calandra Crane, Jane, A Boy and A Girl 
  • Annie Buchheit, Ginny, Quibbling Siblings 
  • Alyssa Guttendorf, Judas Iscariot, Jesus Christ Superstar 

Actress – Lead Role Comedy or Drama

  • Melba Novoa, Short Woman, Animales Nocturnos 
  • Annie Buchheit, Emily Webb, Our Town 
  • Lettie De Anda, Tall Woman, Animales Nocturnos 
  • Amy Bowersox, Susan, Wait Until Dark 

Actor – Lead Role Musical

  • Matt Sayre, Daddy Warbucks, Annie 
  • Mario Arambula-Damian, Jesus, Jesus Christ Superstar 
  • Kevin Phan, Bret, A Boy and A Girl 
  • Timothy Cabal, Usnavi de la Vega, In the Heights 
  • Ben Garon, Jake, Quibbling Siblings 

Actor – Lead Role Comedy or Drama

  • Sam Kohler, Short Man, Animales Nocturnos 
  • Kaivan Ameen, Stage Manager, Our Town 
  • Sam Kohler, George Gibbs, Our Town 
  • Victor Reveles, Tall Man, Animales Nocturnos 

Actress – Major Support Musical

  • Katie Ezell, Pam, A Boy and A Girl 
  • Vivian Delgado, Camila Rosario, In the Heights 
  • Adriana Zuniga-Williams, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ Superstar 
  • Sydney Joyner, Abuela Claudia, In the Heights 
  • Violeta Ruiz-Lopez, Vanessa, In the Heights 

Actress – Major Support Comedy or Drama

  • Catalina Zelles, Gloria, Wait Until Dark 
  • Andrea Acuna, Mrs. Webb, Our Town 
  • Jennifer Purviance, Mrs. Gibbs, Our Town 

Actor – Major Support Musical

  • Victor Reveles, Sonny, In the Heights 
  • David Guthrie, Pontius Pilate, Jesus Christ Superstar 
  • David Guthrie, Kevin Rosario, In the Heights 
  • David Marshall, Benny, In the Heights 
  • Kaivan Mohsenzadeh, Rooster, Annie 
  • Jeffrey Shev, Grandpa, Quibling Siblings 

Actor – Major Support Comedy or Drama

  • Matt FitzGerald, Editor Webb, Our Town 
  • Anthony Reynoso, Mike, Wait Until Dark 
  • Brian P. Evans, Doc Gibbs Our Town 
  • Jim Winkler, Roat, Wait Until Dark 
  • Adam Sheldon, Carlino, Wait Until Dark 

Actress – Minor Support Musical

  • Valeria Gomez, Daniela, In the Heights 
  • Asia Minor, Lily St. Regis, Annie 
  • Laura Jimenez, Carla, In the Heights 
  • Amy Throckmorton, Bret’s Mom, A Boy and A Girl 
  • Karen McLeod, Wacky & Fred McCracken, Annie 
  • Holly Shockley, Jane’s Mom, A Boy and A Girl 
  • Jennifer Purviance, King Herod, Jesus Christ Superstar 

Actress – Minor Support Comedy or Drama 

  • Rayne Gonzales, Rebecca Gibbs, Our Town 
  • Katie Nolte, Balcony Woman & Dead, Our Town 
  • Diane Thrasher, Mrs. Soames, Our Town 
  • Shari Lyon, School Marm & Dead, Our Town 

Actor – Minor Support Musical

  • Chris Braden, Bret’s Dad, A Boy and A Girl
  • Brandon Throckmorton, Jane’s Dad, A Boy and A Girl
  • Ryan Burtanog, Piraguero, In the Heights
  • Geoffrey Cox, FDR, Annie
  • Kai Brown, Simon Zealotes, Jesus Christ Superstar                

Actor – Minor Support Comedy or Drama

  • Paul Uhler, Professor Willard, Our Town 
  • Tyler Jiles, Sam, Wait Until Dark 

Direction –  Musical  

  • Patrick O’Connor, A Boy and A Girl
  • Diane Felthous, Annie
  • Deborah Zimmer, Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Matt FitzGerald, In the Heights
  • Amanda Frawley, Quibbling Siblings

Direction – Comedy or Drama         

  • Elizabeth Jimenez, Animales Nocturnos 
  • David Guthrie, Every Christmas Story Told 
  • Brent A. Stringfield, Our Town 
  • Jacob Hatch, Wait Until Dark 

Production – Musical

  • Connie Fischl and Kelli Harless, In the Heights     
  • Brenda Townsend, Jesus Christ Superstar     
  • Victoria Silva-Davis, Quibling Siblings 
  • Victoria Silva-Davis, A Boy and A Girl 
  • Victoria Silva-Davis, Annie 

Production – Comedy or Drama   

  • Matt FitzGerald, Wait Until Dark
  • Matt FitzGerald and Deborah Zimmer, Animales Nocturnos
  • Brenda Townsend, Our Town
  • Laurissa Rudgers and David Guthrie, Every Christmas Story Told

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