Auditions: 12 Angry Jurors (Youth)

“12 Angry Jurors”
Adapted by Sherman L. Sergel
Produced by: Brenda Townsend and Brian Keon
Directed by: Emerson McMurtry (they/them)

Youth Production Seeking Actors Ages 12-18

Audition Dates & Times: Tuesday December 7 and Wednesday December 8, 6pm-9pm
Audition Venue: Patio Playhouse Theater – On Kalmia at Grand Ave. Behind Fusion Restaurant
Callbacks, by invitation: Thursday December 9, 6pm

First read through is December 11
Rehearsals December 12-18, January 19-February 19; Wednesday, Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-2pm. February 20-26; Tuesday, Wednesday 6pm-9pm and as needed
**Every rehearsal is an all-call, all actors will be needed at every rehearsal date**
Tech week: February 27-March 3, 6pm-9pm

Performances: March 4-20 (Fri-Sat @ 7 pm, Sun @ 2 pm)
Venue: Patio Playhouse Theater, 116 S Kalmia St.

This is a non-equity, volunteer position.

In order to ensure the safety of the production, we are requiring that everyone involved be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Patio Playhouse encourages diversity and prioritizes safety in their productions. For more info please read our Policies and Procedures on Diversity, Inclusion, and Consent:

This production is LGBT+ friendly and welcoming; non-binary actors are encouraged to audition as these roles are open to all genders, binary and otherwise.

Audition Preparation: Actors should prepare one dramatic monologue from a published play. Please bring a headshot and resume and come prepared to list conflicts through the end of the production.

A 19-year-old man has just stood trial for the fatal stabbing of his father. “He doesn’t stand a chance,” mutters the guard as the 12 jurors are taken into the bleak jury room. It looks like an open-and-shut case—until one of the jurors begins opening the others’ eyes to the facts. “This is a remarkable thing about democracy,” says the foreign-born juror, “that we are notified by mail to come down to this place—and decide on the guilt or innocence of a person; of a man or woman we have not known before. We have nothing to gain or lose by our verdict. We should not make it a personal thing.” But personal it is, with each juror revealing their own character as the various testimonies are re-examined, the murder is re-enacted and a new murder threat is born before their eyes! Tempers get short, arguments grow heated, and the jurors become 12 angry men*. The jurors’ final verdict and how they reach it—in tense scenes that will electrify the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats.

*The original title of the show was 12 Angry Men, but this production has been granted permissiont to include all gender identities.

Character Breakdown:
Come into this show prepared to delve deep into your role through a lot of character work built into the rehearsal schedule.

Foreman: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) A small, petty person who is impressed with the authority they have and handles themself quite formally. Not overly bright, but persistent.
Juror 2: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) A meek, hesitant person who finds it difficult to maintain any opinions of their own. Easily swayed and usually adopts the opinion of the last person to whom they have spoken.
Juror 3: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) A very strong, very forceful, extremely opinionated person within whom can be detected a streak of sadism. They are a humorless person who is intolerant of opinions other than their own and accustomed to forcing their wishes and views upon others.
Juror 4: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) Seems to be a person of wealth and positions. They are a practiced speaker who presents themself well at all times. They seem to feel a bit above the rest of the jurors. Their only concern is with the facts in this case, and they are appalled at the behavior of the others. Juror 5: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) A naive, very frightened young person who takes their obligations in this case very seriously but, who finds it difficult to speak up when their elders have the floor.
Juror 6: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) An honest but dull-witted person who comes upon their decisions slowly and carefully. A person who finds it difficult to create positive opinions, but who must listen to and digest and accept those opinions offered by others, which appeal to them most.
Juror 7: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) A loud, flashy-handed salesperson type who has more important things to do than to sit on a jury. They are quick to show temper, quick to form opinions on things about which they know nothing. Is a bully and, of course, a coward.
Juror 8: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) A quiet, thoughtful, gentle person. Someone who sees all sides of every question and constantly seeks the truth. Someone of strength tempered with compassion. Above all, they are someone who wants justice to be done and will fight to see that it is.
Juror 9: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age- played old) A mild, gentle old person long since defeated by life and now merely waiting to die. A person who recognizes themself for what they are and mourns the days when it would have been possible to be courageous without shielding themself behind their many years.
Juror 10: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) An angry, bitter person. They are a person who antagonizes almost at sight. A bigot who places no values on any human life save their own, a person who has been nowhere and is going nowhere and knows it deep within.
Juror 11: (Any gender, any ethnicity- accent, any age) A refugee from Europe. A person who speaks with an accent and who is ashamed, humble, almost subservient to the people around them, but who will honestly seek justice because they have suffered through so much injustice.
Juror 12: (Any gender, any ethnicity, any age) A slick, bright advertising salesperson who thinks of human beings in terms of percentages, graphs, and polls and has no real understanding of people. They are superficial snob, but trying to be a good person.

Actors of all ethnicities, gender identities, and abilities are encouraged to submit. If you are unable to attend the audition date, email a headshot and resume to

COVID-19 Notice:
The health and safety of our volunteers is the utmost priority of Patio Playhouse. All cast and crew will follow procedures and guidelines to ensure their safety.

Twelve Angry Jurors is produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois.