Mission Statement, Diversity Statement, and Statement on Consent

Mission Statement

Patio Playhouse is a non-profit community service organization dedicated to providing entertainment for the Southern California community, to creating opportunities for people of talent and interest who wish to participate and/or perform and to providing training for individuals who wish to learn about theater art.

Diversity Statement

Patio Playhouse asserts its dedication to diversity and inclusion of all people, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or social status. Patio Playhouse is intent on advancing equality and diversity be it on stage, back stage, designing, production, operations or any other activity or sphere of influence. Patio Playhouse believes that everyone deserves equal opportunity, to be treated with respect and dignity, to receive encouragement to reach their full potential and to be free from discrimination.

Statement on Consent

Patio Playhouse is dedicated to integrating consent-based practices into all operational and production environments. In all Patio Playhouse related activities, all participants are expected to abide by the Procedures and Best Practices as laid out in the Patio Playhouse Policies and Procedures on Diversity, Inclusion and Consent.