Our downtown venue is a blackbox theater that seats 80 guests in our risers. The stage area is 34-feet wide and 19-feet deep. It has an installed sound system with a 12-channel mixer and standard light rig with a computerized dimmer board (Light Factory).

The amphitheater at Kit Carson Park is a large outdoor venue that seats over 800 guests and has lawn seating available in the rear. The stage area is 40-feet wide by 24-feet deep with a 36-foot by 8-foot apron. It hosts a 32-channel mixer-powered sound system and an array of lights with a computerized dimmer board (Light Factory). Please note that due to the difficulties of accessing the lights after the hang, we can only allow limited changes in light focus and gels.

If you are interested in renting one of our venues or partnering with us on a production, contact our General Manager