Auditions: Greg Evans Repertory

Greg Evans Repertory: A Boy and A Girl & Quibbling Siblings

Music and Lyrics by Greg Evans

Director: Amanda Frawley and Patrick O’Connor
Producer: Victoria Silva-Davis
Music Director: Erika Gamez
Choreographer: Amanda Frawley

Audition Dates & Times:   Saturday November 3rd – 4:00pm-7:00pm
Sunday November 4th – 4:00pm-7:00pm
(Please note that Daylight Savings ends this weekend)

Audition Venue: Patio Playhouse Theater – On Kalmia at Grand Ave. Behind Vinz Wine Bar

Callbacks:  Tuesday November 6th – 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Thursday November 8th – 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Callbacks by invitation

Performances: Dates and Times
January 25th – QS / Jan. 26th – BG / Jan 27th – QS
February 1st – BG / February 2nd – QS / February 3rd – BG
February 8th – QS / February 9th – BG / February 10th – QS
February 15th – BG / February 16th – QS / February 17th – BG

Venue: Patio Playhouse Theater – On Kalmia at Grand Ave. Behind Vinz Wine Bar

This is a non-equity, volunteer position.

Please bring a resume and headshot if you have them. If not, please allow extra time to fill out an info sheet at your audition.

Please come prepared to provide a list of schedule conflicts

Have a prepared 1-minute of song to accompaniment. Bring prepared sheet music, an accompanist will be provided. No a cappella auditions please. Piano – 16 bar – 32 bar
Must be single pages and tape or in 3-ring binder
Callbacks will consist of vocal harmony and reading from sides.

Quibbling Siblings is a World Premiere and tells the story of a family with 2 kids who bicker constantly, so they decide to go on a game show about fighting kids to see if they can win.

A Boy and A Girl is about two families on the day their children are getting married and how all these different people came together to find happiness and love.

Role Descriptions:

A Boy and A Girl –
BRET – (20s) Easy-going, a bit awkward, lacks self-confidence.
Lives at home while studying to be a dentist. As a kid, Bret spent hours in his room, drawing cartoons and reading comic books. He’s a nice guy, very pleasant, but he lacks a life goal. He works part time at his dad’s construction business while he drifts along, living at home, waiting for his life to begin. He’s always had an interest in helping people, so he thinks he might like to be a dentist. He just needs motivation to grow up, get up and get out.

JANE – (20s) Strong, confident and ambitious. Very goal-oriented. A busy Realtor. With the “be perfect” upbringing she got from her pushy mother, it’s no wonder Jane feels she needs to go conquer the world. Jane’s problem is that she’s all business, no fun. Her life has been one of focused achievement, not freewheeling adventure and she secretly longs for a few rough edges on her polished life.
SAM – (20s) Bret’s bud; chunky, jocular, good ol’ boy. He owns Septic Sam.
As part of a boisterous family of 8, Sam needed a big personality to stand out from the crowd. A prankster and goofoff in school, Sam barely made the grades to graduate. He’s worked lots of jobs, takes nothing seriously and enjoys having a good ol’ time. He’s always looking for the next big thing – his path to easy riches – and his latest is Septic Sam. He loves the ladies – but is now devoted to only one: Pam.

PAM – (20s) Jane’s pal; plain, rather severe, no-nonsense gal.
She’s an accountant. She loves neatness and order and rarely does anything risky or spontaneous. She’s a cautious, careful creature of habit who maintains a simple, organized lifestyle. She’s had only one job in her life: accountant. Given her prickly personality, she’s had little luck with romance – until she met Sam.

BRET’S DAD – (40-55) Manly, brash, assertive. Owns a construction business.
Raised in a paternal household with 5 older brothers, his dad was a successful salesman and avid sportsman, his mom a housewife. Life was full of rowdy, athletic, competitive guy activity; males are meant to be rough, manly and strong so he has little tolerance for wimps. Girls are a trophy to be won.

BRET’S MOM – (40-55) Sweet, gentle, nurturing. Everyone’s Mother.
Her parents were often absent so growing up she was expected to take care of her baby brother. Thus, she’s a nurturing, loving, devoted mom. She has little confidence in her own feminine powers and faces every challenge with a sweet smile and sunny attitude. She focuses her energy on producing organic jams, herbal lotions and heirloom tomatos.

JANE’S DAD – (40-55). Nerdy and bookish. A Professor of Childhood Development.
He’s an only child who was raised by two very intellectual, but unaffectionate, parents. He’s reserved, lowkey and logical. As a Professor of Childhood Development, he’s extremely knowledgeable about all facets of child-rearing – but he lacks practical application. He’s all intellect and theory in eyeglasses, bowties and tweed. To him, Jane is more of a field case study than a daughter.

JANE’S MOM – (40-55) Regal, snooty, domineering. A cut above everyone.
She was raised by a strong, matronly mother who expected nothing short of perfection from her daughter. Father was a diplomat who was often gone. Life for Jane’s Mom was one of lofty expectations and so she raised Jane with the same drive for perfection, power and class

Quibbling Siblings –
JAKE – Ginny’s annoying brother. Age: youth to pre-teen.
GINNY – Jake’s annoying sister. Age: pre-teen to teen – older than Jake.
MOM and DAD – Parents to Jake and Ginny.
GRANDMA – A stooped but spry old lady with a keen sense of humor.
GRANDPA – Devoted husband of Grandma.
SPUNKY BLISS Male or female. The colorful, flamboyant host of “The Quibbling Siblings Show.” Bliss wears a very obvious wig.
CATTY and CLASH – Sibling contestants on “Quibbling Siblings.” Similar in age to Jake and Ginny but can be any gender.
ENEMY MOM and DAD – Parents of Catty and Clash. Enemy Mom and Catty dress and behave similarly. Both habitually flip their hair to intimidate. Enemy Dad and Clash also dress and behave similarly. Both wear suspenders that they snap menacingly.
THE QUIBBLETONES – Male or female. Trio of stagehands for “Quibbling Siblings.” They sing barbershop style harmony.
TECH Male or female. Stage manager for “Quibbling Siblings” who wears a microphone headset, a stopwatch and carries a clipboard.
ENSEMBLE – All-ages kids, looking for 3 or 4 kids.