January 27th
February 19th

Fri & Sat Evenings - 8:00

Sunday Afternoons - 2:00





Chicken Every Sunday” is based on the lives of the Drachman family (see Drachman.com) who was instrumental in the growth of Tucson, Arizona. My fine cast has captured the essence of truth that allows their characters to live on stage. The show has indeed been a director’s challenge from the prospective of sheer logistics:  maneuvering 21 people on our small semi-box set has been an interesting exercise.  Thank you to the Board of Patio Playhouse for allowing me the opportunity to breathe life into this delightful story.

Vesta Gleissner 


Ron Caroll
Patrick McKim
Karen Spafford
Joanne Terry
Norma Jean Dickey
Jennefer Gillette
Alan Lewis
Lynnea Weissman
Jack Dunasky
Alex Boston
Robert Cox
Chris Hall
Erin Elizabeth Peck
Stephen Rich
Brian Weissman
Maya Weissman
Dirk Jasperse
Thomas Rhodes
Peggy Schneider
Madisen Mangione

   Jim Blachman
   Mr. Willard
   Miss Gilley
   Millie Moon
   Evie May
   Rita Kirby
   Sally Lynch
   Rev. Wilson
   Mrs. Lawson
   George Kirby
   Mr. Robinson
   Emily Blachman
   Olivia (was Oliver)

Vesta Gleissner
Peggy Schneider
Dr. Liz Rich
Kat Perhach
Vessta Gleissner

   Assistant Director
   Lights and Sound
   Set Design







January 27th - Feburary 10th 2006